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I could read before I could write. I read now, when I can't write, or when I'm stuck in a writing rut. I read early in the morning, and late at night. I read to feel, and escape from feelings, and explore feelings I've never had but I'm curious about. I read for adventure and romance and passion and the journey. I read to my kids. I try to read to my husband, but he's busy reading himself. And he laughs at all the naughty parts...I don't get it, they're my favourite passages!

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A Negotiated Marriage  - Noelle  Adams Really enjoyed this. Liked that the book starts three years into their marriage, loved Luke and Molly together, and saw the conflict coming a mile away and enjoyed every moment between them as the book worked toward a conclusion.

Some unbelievable minor plot points, but they didn't detract from the story enjoyment. I'm really glad the story did not start at the beginning of their marriage, because that back story felt quite contrived. But since I loved Luke and Molly together, I just rolled my eyes and moved on.

Really didn't like Baron. Don't understand what Molly saw in him.