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I could read before I could write. I read now, when I can't write, or when I'm stuck in a writing rut. I read early in the morning, and late at night. I read to feel, and escape from feelings, and explore feelings I've never had but I'm curious about. I read for adventure and romance and passion and the journey. I read to my kids. I try to read to my husband, but he's busy reading himself. And he laughs at all the naughty parts...I don't get it, they're my favourite passages!

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Beautiful Scars - Shiloh Walker This book worked for me in so many ways. Interesting, well-developed characters. A lot of story packed into a short length. Independent heroine. Well done D/s sex - particularly the discussion about limits. That was probably one of my favourite passages.

It also made my cry, in a good way. The spoiler is about the scars, so don't click if you haven't read the book yet. And you should read this book. It's not your typical romance, it's better. I was expecting the scars to be from an abusive relationship. They're from a mastectomy, and the hero doesn't blink. It doesn't change how he feels about the heroine at all, and it made my heart ache how long it took her to accept that he didn't see her as damaged. OMG.