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Escorted - Claire Kent This started quite awkwardly, I thought, but as the characters got more comfortable with each other, it took off and didn't look back. And toward the end of the book, there's more of an explanation for some of that awkwardness, and I really liked it. Ander is the most adorable gigolo ever. The heroine isn't quite as well characterized as the hero, but frankly, Ander makes the book (and I didn't think I'd say that after the first few chapters).

This was free yesterday on Amazon, so I feel conflicted about critiquing the editing, but that's why it's only 4/5 - I docked a star because there were some typos and missing quotation marks that interrupted my reading flow. The story itself was almost perfect.

I saw some reviews that commented on the author using her own name as the character's pen name - a quick look at the author's page shows that she's actually Noelle Adams, who has recently released a number of contemporary romances. So I think the Claire Kent name choice was deliberate, and I'm leaning towards it being clever instead of eye-roll worthy. Although it's fine line, to be sure! But since this is "Claire Kent"'s only work, I'm giving the benefit of the doubt.

I'm going to buy a Noelle Adams book next and see what else this author has up her sleeve.