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The Oil Tycoon and Her Sexy Sheikh - Ros Clarke This started slowly for me, because I was expecting something different. I bought this because of the first chapter preview, and I've liked everything I've read from Entangled recently. Loved the heroine as executive instead of secretary. But the next few chapters weren't nearly as steamy as I expected - this was almost completely closed door, very much like a redo of a traditional category romance. And since that I wasn't what I was thinking it would be, it took me until the second part of the book to get into the story. But once I did, it was utterly sweet and had some knock it out of the park awesome moments.

The things I didn't like about it:
* Unrealistic business structure. Since when do a Sheikh and a single executive negotiate a massive drilling contract one-on-one? Shouldn't there be large teams of people involved?
* Her father. There was a lot more there that could have been explored and reacted to.

My favourite thing about this book was Olivia - as a whole, she's an awesome modern heroine - but specifically, her decisions in Saqat , from appearing on the radio show and suggesting an alternate plan to Khaled to the polka-dot bikini and what she decided to do at the airport

I'd recommend this book to anyone who likes the idea of classic category romance novels, but who get pissed off at the overt sexism half way through. This is a truly modern alternative within the standard tropes.