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Along Came Trouble - Ruthie Knox I didn't realize until I got to the acknowledgements that this was originally going to focus on the Ellen's rockstar brother and her neighbour. Knox's editor didn't like that story, but she really liked the bodyguard, Caleb, who the brother hired to protect Ellen and Carly. Yeah, me too. Good call, editor, and excellent re-write, Ruthie Knox!

Caleb Clark is the perfect romance hero: strong and protective, but he understands AND RESPECTS that Ellen needs agency; sexy, but more interested in a relationship than a booty call; loves his family, but maintains healthy boundaries; and, cherry on top, he really truly likes and understands Ellen's two year old son. He's got demons, but they don't dominate the book, and I appreciated that. He's got doubts, but he works through them without too much agonizing. So he's not a perfect person, but yeah, he's the perfect hero. Seriously, can't say enough about the guy. ;)

Ellen Callahan is harder to like, but I do anyway. She's prickly, but with really good reason. She's surrounded by people that demand a lot of her, and that's got her walls up in a big way. She can't deny her attraction to Caleb, but she can deny her heart, and I think that the book took just the right amount of time to sort that out.

High level of insta-love, but I never mind that. Can't wait for the next Camelot story.